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Gs-441524 Brands in North America


By the time 01/01/2021, There are a large number of brands came from China available in North America compete for market share. Only a few of many brands passed our tests from lab. To choose these brands, We rely on input from the CVDA( China Veterinary Drug Association) and definitions from the UC Davis paper :
“GS-441524 was provided by Gilead Sciences as a pure and highly stable powder and diluted to a concentration of 10 or 15 mg/ml in 5% ethanol, 30% propylene glycol, 45% PEG 400, 20% water (pH 1.5 with HCI). The mixture was placed in sterile 50 ml glass injection bottles, agitated until in suspension, and then placed in a sonicated water bath for 5–20 mins until clear.”
Also, we have seen differences in concentration and acid level(pH) between brands. According to the UC Davis’s mixture standard that the pH is supposed to be around 2.1, and most of leading brands currently have a pH pf 1.8 to 1.9. it indicates that HCl (hydrochloric acid) is a necessary ingredient for a qualify product. Main reason for this is that GS powder will not dissolve in pure water. The solubility increases as the acid concentration increases (lower pH). Besides that, we have tested many current brands in real volunteer fip cats for free, so we see extensive clinical testing as higher weight for a qualify products.


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